418 people signed the petition since September 05, 2014

Signatures for Stop Wates from altering our Local Plan new housing quota, 100 new homes is enough, we do not want any more in our community.

ID First Name Last Name Comments House Number Post Code
76 KennethAllen Woul Wates put a 15 year covenant on them so they could be sold to locals at realistic prices? I think not 1 Po20 8dn
77 christaMellor-Hedges   talas  
78 AnnetteNicholl   2  
79 ruthhambleton   65 po208nh
80 GaryPoundall No more houses, - no infrastructure, no services, we dont need - or want these new builds 51 po208ag
81 greghambleton   65 po208nh
82 JeanaPoundall We dont have the infrastructure or services to support any more new houses being built 51 po208ag
83 KarenGardiner   2  
84 SarahGregory   11 PO208SR
85 TraceyDunn   1 PO20 8dd
86 KevMorley   48 PO6 2SZ
87 SheilaTheobald The traffic is appalling now most households now own 2 cars we do not need another 800 cars a day trying to get in and out of villages the bypass clogs over nothing already it used to be a 10 minute run in to town more like 30 mins stupid no more houses 7 Po207ez
88 LinDiplock   19 PO208PQ
89 SandraLowe   95 PO20 8rg
90 MarieBaker      
91 AndrewRaffell I oppose the Wates development on land south of Clappers Lane. Blackthorn PO20 7JJ
92 WendyRaffell Stop this ridiculous development Blackthorn PO20 7JJ
93 AlisonMadden   14 PO20 8NL
94 LloydWillson Why spoil what was a rural costal village, they will if they carry on. Put back our rural classification which was removed with out consultation. To many second homes making it expensive for locals to live here. Infrastructure is already broken! 44 PO20 8AG
95 SophieBuckland   Nunnington Farm Cottage Po20 8lz
96 BenEngland East wittering is a beautiful village where I grew up. Dont ruin it by overpopulating it and destroying the beauty of which many of us hold so dear 83 DA8 1AP
97 ThomasWillson It's appaling to see this! 40 Russell road Po20 8ef
98 VerityHorn   40 PO20 8SR
99 SueBlunden   6 PO20 8QZ
100 RebeccaCourtney   55 PO20 8LX