418 people signed the petition since September 05, 2014

Signatures for Stop Wates from altering our Local Plan new housing quota, 100 new homes is enough, we do not want any more in our community.

ID First Name Last Name Comments House Number Post Code
401 AmandaMorrow   32 TW11 9EX
402 AlanDuffy There is not the infrastructure on the Manhood peninsula to support a free for all for developers. 6 PO20 1PG
403 JanetWarner   1 Post 8JJ
404 AlanCurd The road and facilities infrastructure is just not up to the job. Gridlock and misery for local peopld awaits if this development is allowed go proceed. 44 po21 5ad
405 PeterBarton I have lived in the WItterings for most of my life, i am now 28. There have been a number of new houses built in this last year and i really feel that too many more homes in this small area will negatively affect the community . 7 PO20 8EZ
406 johngallagher it is an overcrowded area already and the extra cars these homes will bring will be to much for the roads.. 20 po20 8js
407 catherinebeckett   south house po20 8jh
408 AntoniaDoggart The greed of few affects us all! The infrastructure is already not coping with the current population (health and safety, roads, broadband, schools, policing and emergency services, social facilities, high flooding and sewage risk). Think about it! 7  
409 BrettPoundall   51 PO20 8AG
410 StuartSolliss This development is utterly wrong. Take a train ride from Brighton to Littlehampton to see how developments like this will transform the Manhood peninsula in years to come. Population growth and housing growth like this is unsustainable. Hunston Chambers PO20 1NR
411 StevenGrove My main concern is traffic. Already, there is serious traffic congestion on the Manhood Peninsula. To build more houses with the only access to the A27 and Chichester along one road (the A286) is really not acceptable. 41 PO20 8HQ
412 lynngray   9 PO208NS
413 RogerPagram Strongly against this application would increase the volume of traffic on the Peninsular and the infrastructure cannot take it beside the loss of the countryside. 32 PO20 1PF
414 DerekLee   The Farmhouse PO20 8JQ
415 emmarickard -Local roads are already pushed and not able to cope with volume of traffic. -Need to keep spaces for wildlife. -Flooding has begun to be an issue locally which is due to increase with climate change. This will get worse if natural soak land is covered. 7 po20 8ez
416 stephenjackson Building too many houses in the Witterings will have a detrimental affect on local infrastructure and overstretch resources available to the local community,Manhood is very lie lowing land and flooding will probably become a much worse isue very soon! 1 po108ph
417 HayleyRedington   3 po20 8pe
418 RichardLuff The scale of the development proposed would have a severe traffic congestion impact on the A286 junctions approaching the A27, which are already over capacity. The sewer system, mains water, Doctors and Schools can only just cope at present!!   PO208NL