418 people signed the petition since September 05, 2014

Signatures for Stop Wates from altering our Local Plan new housing quota, 100 new homes is enough, we do not want any more in our community.

ID First Name Last Name Comments House Number Post Code
376 MaureenWood     PO20 8QA
377 phillipradley   7 po20 8 bu
378 DerekWood     PO20 8QA
379 HollyWood     PO20 8QA
380 MaxMatthews     PO20 8 QA
381 ScottCutting   3 po20 8re
382 GaryNeal   6 PO20 8FF
383 CyrilJennings Where's the infrastructure for a development of this size? 3 PO20 8NN
384 jacquiWilliamson   Timbers PO20 8JT
385 JaniceColema Enough is enough. Our health centre is struggling as it is & the village is so busy with difficulty parking. 1 PO20 8EQ
386 Christellebishop   8 po20 8qz
387 lorraineyazdanpanah   30 po20 8qz
388 linbishop   102 po20 7lq
389 BarbarbFoster Enough is enough! That is just too many! Stop Wates! Turn down planning applications. 78 PO20 8NR
390 GeorgeBennett How can this area possibly support 500 more homes? It is madness. CDC - do the right thing and refuse!! 78 PO20 8NR
391 Terence .Huckle 100 is too many? 23  
392 RaymondStocker Keep Bracklesham & East Wittering a seaside village and a local friendly community 20 PO20 8UA
393 SimonWallace I strongly object to the increase in dwellings. The increase in road users will further congest the roads especially at the A27. Services such as the Doctors surgery are already over stretched and there is not enough work around for this influx of people. Merrieweathers Cottage PO20 7AH
394 TrevorBennett This is purely a profiteering exercise on the part of the developer. Currently the infrastructure will not tolerate such expansion without seriously degrading the living conditions of the present residents. Park House PO20 8PT
395 KeithTitmus Lets try and save the Royal Oak from the Co Op while we are at it. Please? 4 PO20 8BE
396 IvyHammond   4 PO20 1JX
397 CaroleCushing      
398 AdeleFarley The roads and amenities of this area cannot support another 500 houses   PO20 8PH
399 SteveGreen We cannot take any more with our failing (no, failed) infrastructure. Schools, sewerage, water supplies, parking, travel to Chichester, all under severe pressure already 7 PO208HU
400 SallyMooney I am deeply concerned about all the proposed new dwellings to be built in and around this area, East Wittering and Bracklesham. The greedy developers a don't care a hoot about the outcome for locals who already have to cope with congested roads etc... 7 PO20 8HU