418 people signed the petition since September 05, 2014

Signatures for Stop Wates from altering our Local Plan new housing quota, 100 new homes is enough, we do not want any more in our community.

ID First Name Last Name Comments House Number Post Code
26 RogerMoon When are you going to realise a beautiful part of the world is being ruined forever by constant unsustainable development. No local employment, a road infrastructure that cannot safely cope with additional throughput. 11 po208nw
27 CathyCurran      
28 kevinmcilwrath      
29 JenniferGreen Rediculous idea to build this many houses!!! Earnley gate PO207JJ
30 RiaWigginton No to building there is no parking as it is and local facilitlies are already filled up (doctors and dentists) schools will struggle too. 32 PO20 8FF
31 maxinelewis enough is enough, would be ok if the sold at a price for local people to afford one of the new houses, but yet again most of them will be holiday homes, not giving the local residents with low income a chance to get onto the property ladder :( 43 po208pp
32 SarahGoodall We don't have enough facilities for the proposed housing let alone adding another 400! 4 PO20 8JY
33 RichardWright No more development, please. The Linnets PO20 8 DG
34 holliebacon   22 po20 8dt
35 denisestephens   43 po20 8sr
36 LynneDray I object because the roads will not cope with increased traffic likewise the doctors and school. 11 PO208HR
37 JohnDray Traffic will be a nightmare 11 PO208HR
38 AdamBlunden   6 PO20 8QZ
39 michaelalevett The infrastructure cannot support this many homes on the Penninsula. 16 PO20 8FF
40 CraigBlunden   6 PO20 8QZ
41 WillBrooks      
42 samburgess      
43 DebbieMitchell Enough is enough! Think about it... 188 PO20 8NZ
44 KateHeron   20 PO208AG
45 EmmaSzepesi Too much traffic, too many houses, not enough facilities to cater for this. Our country village is turning into a city! 7 PO20 8PY
46 VanessaMitchell      
47 OliverSzepesi No 7 PO20 8PY
48 TraceyWilliams   2 DE564EN
49 FredKnotts Infrastructure, inadequate. Drainage still causing chaos. Schools,health centre overloaded. We can't take more. 3 PO20 8HT
50 LyndaDavis   Meadowview PO20 7JT