418 people signed the petition since September 05, 2014

Signatures for Stop Wates from altering our Local Plan new housing quota, 100 new homes is enough, we do not want any more in our community.

ID First Name Last Name Comments House Number Post Code
1 StuartBlunden Our villages need a break from decades of constant development, they are becoming a town. Our community is, and is choosing to remain, a village.    
2 HeatherBrooks Its time to call a halt on building anymore houses, we can not cope and I think the planners have destroyed enough of our villagers already 1 Peerley Close
3 JenniKenyon I very strongly object as a new resident in the area. We moved here because of the quiet way of life and we feel safe here. The roads are just about bearable but any more houses would create an absolute traffic nightmare. 21 PO20 8FE
4 CharlyUpjohn   23 PO20 8UA
5 JackieTilley enough is enough 33 PO20 8EL
6 kimames   33 po208jd
7 DavidBurrett   JZ  
8 EmmaShields   Farmfield Nurseries PO20 1AU
9 BevDownie I strongly oppose this development on the grounds that the road network is totally inadequate even for the number of cars using the peninsula at the moment. The Stables po20 7hh
10 EmmaMcCormack-Purse   35 PO9 4AR
11 LucyWright Listen to the residents, not the moneymakers The Linnets  
12 DeirdreGunn 100 new homes is more than enough, 500 would throttle the village, the traffic is bad enough with only one road in and out and the A27 would be ten times worse than it is now. 27 PO20 8PD
13 BrianGunn      
14 MaryGilchrist The neighbourhood plan for Bracklesham and East Wittering should be adhered to .100 new homes not 500 by Wates . 19 RG12 9YX
15 JacquiRuff   62 PO20 8RG
16 TaniaFlavin The overdevelopment of our village should not be allowed to proceed - it is not a statement of nimbyism but logic as the infrastructure is simply not there.   PO20 8JJ
17 stevenmorley 100 houses is more than plentyful 6 p0208hu
18 WezSmith   Bay House PO20 8JW
19 NicoleNestor Infrastructure and roads would not cope. No employment in area. Schools and surgery would not be able to cope. Avondale Po208hu
20 DavidWeir We do not have the facility's to support this amount of housing,let alone jobs!!!!!! 12 PO20 8AF
21 SandraBelcher We don't need more homes - the villages / infrastructure stuggle enough during the summer months with tourists / holidaymakers. To increase this burden is foolish and would irretrievably remove all the great things we have down here 23 PO20 8QZ
22 vanyaroache   1  
23 virginiafraser before you add even more houses to our village, how about a thought for our schools, dentist and doctors. how are they supposed to cope and as for the parking it is a joke already when on earth make it worse. 6 po20 8sp
24 AndreaEnnever 1000 more cars on our all ready busy road, one road in and out, doctors already full, schools full, leave our village alone, plenty of brown sites to use. we should be preserving our green areas , once there gone there gone ! 8 po208ff
25 CliveMilverton Enough is enough. These houses are not for local people, there are no jobs on the peninsular. Traffic is becoming a nightmare and all the building is on green fields and farmland completely changing the rural feel of the "village". 1 PO20 8EH